Where It All Began


We are a trusted partner to investors, business owners, CEOs and companies to make sure capital invested in creates sustainable returns.

Songhai is a corporate execution and development company founded by MIT-educated business leaders with combined 30+yrs experience in business execution from Fortune 50 companies. Our focus is on delivering management excellence to companies in Africa and helping them build corporate platforms with potential to dominate their respective industries and compete in international markets.

We bring the best in class management processes from Fortune 50 (Microsoft, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Deutsche Bank, Sony, ExxonMobil, etc) and work with you to create an advantage for you that drives your profitability. Our core execution methodologies are developed from years of experience at these leading companies. For companies restructuring or in turnarounds, we work with you to stabilize operations, restore credibility, protect vital interests and complete successful outcomes.

Where we see a compelling fit, we may co-invest with business owners and execute to achieve mutually agreed outcomes.

Our Wealth Management Practice, Songhai Empire, works with wealthy individuals and families to create and manage Family Offices that lasts beyond 5 generations.  We can work with you and your family to protect assets and ensure a path to sustainable return on wealth.

We know business.

Hene Aku and Vincent Nyanteh

Founding Partners