The Songhai Group, a corporate development company, has signed an agreement to work with Fidelity Bank, a leading Ghanaian financial institution, to develop the capability of their Data Modeling and Analytics division to support strategic initiatives through insights gained from customer and business data.Songhai ran the first in a series of programs under its Corporate Practice School platform (THE) to equip the team with Big Data skills and tools within Fidelity Bank’s Data Analytics department. This engagement was led by Dr Albert Essiam, Songhai Group’s MIT-trained Data Scientist and a leader in the delivery of Big Data solutions. He had previously worked with McKinsey & Co, The Travellers &Co and Risk Matrix Consulting. Jim Baiden, CEO,/Julian Opuni, DMD, stated that “Innovation is critical to the growth of Fidelity Bank. We recognize the significance of using data driven insights derived from analysis and effective modelling to revolutionize the services we provide to our customers. We are excited to engage Dr Albert Essiam and the Songhai Group on this initiative.”

“We are happy to be partnering with Fidelity Bank, an innovative Ghanaian financial institution, in the use of data technologies in developing products and services that meet the needs their
customers and improve the effectiveness of their offerings” said Kwadwo Sarpong, an executive at The Corporate Practice School.

About The Corporate Practice School:
The Practice School is a Corporate Apprenticeship Program, with in-residence partners from The Songhai Group, with the main goal to develop high potential employees within your organization to lead and to excel at a level competitive with leaders found in Fortune 50 companies. Our focus is to work with your identified employees as they tackle day-to-day challenges for your organization and your industries.

Companies participating gain access to world-class best practices research driven by member priorities, access to The Practice School’s Executive Tracks (Financial Management, Corporate Audit, and Corporate Development) to develop world-class managers. For participants, The Practice School will offer;Employees in the program who complete a functional development cycle become members of a powerful alumni network. Learn more at

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